Officine Aeronautiche Ghidotti S.r.l.
Call: +39 059 681227
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The OAG is located on the airport of Carpi LIDU.

Airstrip: Asphalt 850 x 20 m

Coordinates: 33° 50' 04" N 10° 52' 10" E

Radio assistance: 123,00 MHz

Navigation: VOR DME BOA - 122,20 : 315° 25 nm - NDB - 485 KHz On request

Carpi's airview
operational and technical base

The OAG Nautical Division was founded for the development of new technologies for the roll compensation aboard sailing yachts.

On the occasion of the METS Trade Amsterdam last November we presented, in collaboration with and at the stand Techimpex (Marine Cookers), the first powered gimbal marine cooker in the world, created to overcome the limitations of traditional gimbal cookers and increase the ease of use and the safety.

On the site stable.sp.it find all the information on technology and products.


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